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Accessibility Minute - Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Sep 22, 2017

253-09-22-17 Enchroma Glasses
Hey there! Welcome to Accessibility Minute, your weekly look at Assistive Technology, those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or other special needs!
Color blindness affects millions of people worldwide.  It affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.  Most people with color blindness are not blind to color, but have a reduced ability to see or differentiate them.  This is where Enchroma glasses come in.
According to their website, "Enchroma glasses are the only specialty eyewear that alleviates red-green color blindness, enhancing colors without the compromise of color accuracy."  Their products provide vibrant, accurate color, and look like a stylish pair of sunglasses.  There are a variety of styles available and come in both Indoor or Outdoor lenses.  
Visit to learn more about the technology behind these specialty glasses.
For more information, to read our blog, or to drop us a line, visit  That was your Accessibility Minute for this week! I¹m Laura Medcalf with the INDATA Project at Easterseals Crossroads, in Indiana.