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Accessibility Minute - Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Sep 30, 2016

203-09-30-16 Zubits: Magnetic Shoe Closures

Hey there! Welcome to Accessibility Minute, your weekly look at Assistive Technology, those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or other special needs!

A while back, I talked about a shoe from Nike called FLYEASE, that allows the wearer to secure his or her shoes more independently. If you're looking for a way to fasten your own laced shoes--from dressy to tennis shoes--look no further than Zubits!

Zubits are a magnetic shoe closure solution that allows you to securely fasten any kind of laced shoe! To get started, simply place the magnets onto your own laces. When the magnets are separated, you can easily slide your foot into the open shoe. Once your shoe is on, simply click the magnets together and you're set for the day!

The Zubit's magnetic technologies are carefully crafted to stay secure during any athletic activity, "yet remain easy enough to take off with a forceful step on the heel." Zubits come in multiple sizes and colors, have a 16 pounds holding force, are self-aligning, and so much more. To learn more about Zubits, check out!

For more information, to read our blog, or to drop us a line, visit That was your Accessibility Minute for this week! I¹m Laura Medcalf with the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads, in Indiana.