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Accessibility Minute - Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Sep 21, 2018


296-9-21-18 My Emotional Compass
Hey there! Welcome to Accessibility Minute, your weekly look at Assistive Technology, those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or other special needs!
Emotions are an essential part of our lives.  Individuals with traumatic brain injury or TBI frequently experience damage to regions of the brain and neural networks involved with processing emotions.  My Emotional Compass was specifically designed to address this issue by helping individuals interpret and put words to their own feelings.
My Emotional Compass is an app that helps you better understand your emotions.  According to the app's description, "Awareness and labeling of our emotions puts us in a better position to control them and communicate them to others.  Research suggests that labeling emotions can help minimize an unpleasant emotional response."
Check out My Emotional Compass on the App Store to learn more.
For more information, to read our blog, or to drop us a line, visit  That was your Accessibility Minute for this week! I'm Laura Medcalf with the INDATA Project at Easterseals Crossroads, in Indiana.