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Accessibility Minute - Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Nov 26, 2021

Hey there! Welcome to Accessibility Minute, your weekly look at Assistive Technology, those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or other special needs!

Jumping from stone to stone on the rocky shore of a rushing river is not only exciting, it also encourages gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and more.  The Nordic Gonge Riverstones from Fat Brain Toys takes this concept, removes all the danger while bringing out “tons of fun and education!”

Fat Brain Toys' website further describes the toy:

“Three large and three small - each riverstone is tastefully colored with an attractive earth tone, features different angles and ridges, and is built with a non-slip surface and rubber edges, so there's never any fear of falling…”

The game comes with a game guide to give you different ideas of how to play with the stones.  It recommends starting simple with the stones in a row for children to walk across.  Then play a game of musical stones where kids have to find a big stone to stand on when the music stops.  Or set out the stones in a random scramble and let children find their own paths!  

Other features include:
Set of angled platforms for children to walk and hop across
Comes with 6 stones total - 3 large, 3 small - each featuring gripping ridges and different angles
Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, balance, weight-transference
Great for both individual and group play
Comes with a game guide that details different ways to play
High-quality construction and materials for lasting durability
Stones stack on top of each other for easy storage
Visit Fat Brain Toys website to learn more about the Nordic Gonge Riverstones!

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That was your Accessibility Minute for this week! I’m Tracy Castillo for the lovely Laura Medcalf  with the INDATA Project at Easterseals Crossroads, in Indiana.